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Order now and receive an original Montblanc pen for free! Order now and receive an original Montblanc pen for free!

Monitoring brand similarities

An example of why you need pro4TM:

Your brand:
38 similar brands were registered in the last 3 months! Our search engine presents three examples selected at random:
33 more ...
Visible for customers
Visible for customers

Protect your brand!

We check new trademark registrations in the EU
and immediately show you when new brands are imitating yours.

We show you who is imitating your brand.

similar trademarks are filtered from a multitude of new brands

Why should I use pro4TM?

I. A myriad of new trademarks is registered every week

Just in Germany, more than 6,000 new trademarks are registered every month - and a lot more all on a global scale. Today it has become impossible to personally check every new trademark on similarities.

Unless you have pro4TM.

II. Find out who is trying to imitate you

Tell us which search terms you would like us to monitor.
We show you at a glance which new trademarks imitate your brand.

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How does it work?

I. You select:

Which search terms should be protect from copycats?


II. We search internationally:

We check thousands of new trademark registrations in the European Union every week.
Our high-performance computer systems compare new trademarks to your brand.
We apply various algorithms, such as the Levenshtein distance.

III. You receive your report:

A simple click is all it takes to find out who is trying to copy your brand:
You also receive a report on all new similar brands as often as you require.

Protect your brand!

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*) Prices excl. VAT | "all inclusive" comprises our monitoring services for Google®AdWords®, trademark similarities and domain similarities for a limited number of search terms depending on the selected product.
If you order our "Multi" package on or before October 20th, 2015, you will receive an Original Montblanc Cruise Collection Black pen.
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