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pro4TM.com, s.r.o., Branch Office Austria
Tuchlauben 8/602 (DG)
1010 Vienna

Telephone: 49-89-896 790 18
Email: support@pro4tm.com

Commercial Registry Number: 424441 d
Court of Commercial Register: Vienna Commercial Court

Nature and purpose: IT services and market research, particularly in the field of trademarks and domains

vat Reg. No. was not issued yet


pro4TM.com, s.r.o.
Obchodna 43-45
81106 Bratislava

Telephone: 49-89-896 790 18
Email: support@pro4tm.com

CEO: Diana Kelemenova
Commercial Register: Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I
Commercial Registry Number: Sro 86792/B


  • Evelyn Pantleon
  • Gerard Wieslaw Szwed

Primary focus of the media: Presentation and communication of information about the media owner as well as general information on trademarks and trademark law.

vat Reg. No: SK2023713153

The company is subject to the trade regulation act as accessible at http://www.zakonypreludi.sk/zz/1991-455 and the data protection act as accessible at http://www.dataprotection.gov.sk/uoou/sites/default/files/kcfinder/files/136_2014.pdf of the Slovak Republic.

The business license was issued by the regulatory authority Obvodný úrad Bratislava.

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pro4TM.com, s.r.o., Branch Office Austria

Tuchlauben 8/602 (DG)

1010 Vienna

Phone +49-89-896 790 18


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